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Some gadgets are just plain awesome. When looking at the photo and video part, there’s one gadget which really fits this description: The GoPro camera.

This very small camera, together with its waterproof casing,  can handle about any situation.

I tried it the past few days in Moviepark Germany in several rides, and it survived everything, including the ones in which we got soaked.

I hope to show you some footage in the coming weeks, but in the mean time you can enjoy yourselves on the site

It’s especially worth to check out the channel, on which you can find some of the best GoPro shots from the web.

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The Solar – Wind Power Combination

The role of renewable power sources will only grow over the coming years. In the Netherlands only 4.5% was produced this way in 2012, whereas the goal for 2020 is 14% of the total energy use.

The two most promising opportunities for the short future are wind and solar power, two options with proven technologies and which can be built quite simple in the Netherlands (opposed to hydro power for example).

Studies have already shown that a combination of these two will offer the best of both worlds, and will provide both timing-wise (they almost never produce at the same time) and financial (only one attachment to the grid has to be made, which is smaller than the two separate) benefits.

Continuing from this idea, in my mind the following idea popped up. Why not combine the power of PhotoVoltaic cells and Windturbines, and put a layer of thin-film PV cells on the mast of a wind turbine.

By adding these cells to the mast the otherwise useless outside area of the mast could be providing extra power.

With the current output of this type of PV panels being lower than others and the somewhat higher price, I foresee that it might take some years before this could really become useful.

But once a cheaper and really flexible model becomes available which you can use like wallpaper on the mast, I foresee a simple but interesting addition to the windturbine landscape.

Headerphoto by Robposse under Creative Commons License

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First Play With Apple TV & Airplay

Finally, I had the chance to play a bit with an Apple TV. A gadget high on my list of wanted stuff, but still not there since I first need to buy a new TV for it to connect to.

Luckily, today I had the chance to play around with one on another TV, and I must say that it all works very well. It’s really a plug and play thing, where the hardest part is filling in your wireless network password.

Also, the Airplay feature works very well. I tried an iPad, iPhone and Macbook air and all seamlessly connected to the TV. The only issue was that it had some trouble playing music after playing a video on my iPhone 4, but that might because of the fact that it’s a somewhat older model.

Another downside comes with my own laptop, which is just a generation to old to have Airplay, which just means that I can’t connect it.

But apart from these small issues it works really well, and especially in business land it can really change how people connect to a beamer for a presentation, since every Apple device can seamlessly plug in to it over the network, so everyone can quickly show some things they’ve been working on.

And with a reasonable price it is a very nice thing. Recommended for just watching YouTube stuff, not really. There are less expensive things on the market which can do that.

But when you want to use the Airplay, I’d highly recommended it right now.

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Site in the Spotlight 203

Old people always like to say that everything was better back in the days. And although in many cases the real story is somewhat different, there are however also some good ideas which get a second life online.

Like the new website/platform The Arcanum.

This site brings back the old concept of Master & Apprentice and turns it into the modern day version, where videos of the masters are combined with personal attention. All aimed at becoming as good in the arts as the master.

Already a series of great photographers and teachers are part of the site, and it’s interesting to see the further development of this platform. It has the potential to grow into any other area where people do crafts work.

To see for yourself what they’re up to, visit their site over at



A few weeks back I visited the old “Kamp Vught” site, one of the former concentration camps of Germany in WW II in the Netherlands.


While walking there were many opportunities to capture the somewhat surreal look of the site. Cause that’s the overall feeling that you get out there, when walking around. It’s quite hard to imagine that it was extremely crowded with extremely thin people.


Still, I think that I captured the mood, with a little help from my girlfriend.


if you want to experience it once yourself, you can find more about it on their website.


Take A Break

As today was the right day to move as little as possible (while writing it’s still 27 degrees C in my house), I also found the time to read some of the older Kijk magazines that I had lying around.

In one of them I found an interesting column, in which the influence of hedonic adaptation is described on our use of TV.

To put it simple, hedonic adaptation is the theory that when you use something longer, you’ll get more used to it and so you’ll be less satisfied with it, compared to when it was new.

However, this effect can be partially made undone by taking a break from using the product.

And so the column stated that it might be a problem for products like Netflix, with their unlimited and commercial break free service. Since they don’t offer a break, it might be that their users are less satisfied with the service when they watch a complete series in a row.

This effect can also be extrapolated to any product that can be used during a longer period with or without breaks. So you’ll be happier when you consume some smaller portions of food instead of one large portion.

Just think of your business and see how you can use this in your advantage.

See how you can maybe split up your product into a few smaller experiences, and create more happy customers. Be creative, and maybe your company can grow much bigger.

Header image: Wonderferret under creative commons license

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Site in the Spotlight 202

With the temperatures rising, most people feel the urge to go on a vacation (me included). There are lots of ways to spend your time abroad, but why use only places you already know to sleep?

One of the innovative ways to get a bed is by using Couchsurfing. The concept is very simple. If you want to stay in a place, you can see if you can crash one of the couches from somebody who is also a member of the couchsurf community. Just that simple.

On the site you can find couches in over 100.000 cities, so chances are quite likely that you can find one at a place you want to go.

This website makes very smart use of the growing group of backpackers who are looking for a cheap place to stay, but who also want to be guided by a local, which can show them the best places in town.

So if your in need for a cheap place to stay, or if you just want to find out more about this platform for backpackers, check it out over at


Cool Idea Wall

Last week at Kamp Vught I saw this amazing wall, filled with things that people wanted to say.


A sort of guestbook, but than made much bigger, and really something from the public, to the public. Where everyone could see and read what others had experienced, but also where everyone can leave their own ideas.

But since this blog is mainly about innovation, how can you use this for your company. I would say, create your own idea wall. Allow everybody in the company to share ideas, by putting a post-it on the wall. And take the best ideas from it and try to do something with it.

Make sure that everybody can use it, and honor the ones who come up with the best ideas. See how much innovative ideas can come up out of your company.

And besides that, it just looks cool, so that’s an added bonus.

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Site in the Spotlight 201

The World Cup Football is finally reaching its final stages, and so it’s a nice moment to see what some of the predictive statistics have done.

The visually most appealing one comes from They have visualized all games with predictions about what the chances are for one team to win, and also what the final scores will be.

And one of the things that stands out is that there were quite some predictions in the score which really didn’t turn out like that in real.

For example, the Dutch team should have been kicked out way earlier, if the predictions were right. But somehow they’re still in it.

And so we see that not everything can be predicted that accurate. Or as they say on the radio: “This world cup, the ones with the least knowledge make the best predictions,” which seems to be true this time.

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