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24 Heros

Hello and Welcome back everybody. As you may know, most students are in for something different to do. So two years ago, my volleyball club gained the Guinness World Record for longest volleyball marathon. Since then two teams have set a better time, so it was time to strike back for our club, which they did this week. In 85 hours, they took back the world record, with 24 players.

I’ve been there to help them out, and while I was there, I also took some shots. So in 13 shots, the four days it took to take back the World Record.

First of all, what it was all about, Volleyball. For 85 hours they played a continuous game, which lasted for more than 300 sets.

During the breaks, the players had time to sit back and relax in their very own sitting room, next to the field.

To keep everybody running, there were almost always masseurs around, to keep the players warm, and keep their muscles ok.

Since sleeping in a hall with the lights turned on all the time is a little difficult, some people made it into a kind of occupy-camp.

85 hours is a long time, but luckily the players got enough time to sleep.

To get some extra people to visit this attempt, over the days several things we’re done, like a circus workshop…

…a clinic by a professional volleybalteam…

…and a 3 hour spinning marathon.

Luckily, the players we’re allowed to take several showers, sometimes a day.

As the game lasted longer, more sports tape was needed, but luckily all 24 players finished the game.

After 80 hours, the previous record was broken, so reason for a small party, like 15 seconds, since the game still had to continue to finish the 85 hours.

And to finish it all off, they raised over 5000 euros for the Johan Cruyff Foundation.

This is my final post in 2011, I hereby like to wish everybody a safe, and most of all happy new years eve, and I hope to see you back in 2012. Enjoy.

Site in the Spotlight 69

Hello and Welcome back everybody. With the end of the year coming closer every minute, and being almost here, today a special edition, which I could also name Site in the Fireworkslight, but that’s something else. Today I’m taking you back to the site of National Geographic Magazine, to their special page dedicated to photographing fireworks,

On this page, a group of photographers tells about how they shot their images of fireworks, and which settings they find useful when shooting it. My personal advise would first of all be to make sure you can use a tripod, since you’ll be shooting in the dark.

But for the rest, I suggest you check out the page over at I’ll keep it to this for today, check back on friday for more news from me. Until then, Enjoy.

Christmas Time

Hello and Welcome back everybody. In the Netherlands we celebrate christmas for 2 days, and today is the second day, so I’m keeping this short. For everyone who’s celebrating it still as well, enjoy the day, and for the rest of you, also enjoy your day.

That’s all for now, check back wednesday for a new Site in the Spotlight, and on friday I’ll be back with regular stuff. Until then, Enjoy.

How To Make it Look Crowded

Hello and Welcome back everybody. It’s the week before Christmas again, and in the Netherlands, this means that our national radio station 3FM has an action called Serious Request. With this action they are gathering money for the Red Cross, and this year especially for the moms in warzones. For more information on this event, visit

Part of this event is a live stream and regular TV-shows in which they make it look like it’s extremely crowded, while in real life it’s only partly filled. How they do this, is very simple. You have to make sure to first of all only pick a part of the square, the part which has quite some people standing on it. Then it helps to get a small telelens, so you can squeeze it all more together, and pick a vantage point about a half to a whole metre above the crowd. And then you can make a almost empty shopping street look crowded.

So that’s all for me for today. I hereby like to wish you all a very merry christmas, with friends, family and all other people which you celebrate it. I’ll be back after christmas. Until then, Enjoy.

Site in the Spotlight 68

Hello and Welcome back everybody. Today it’s wednesday, so time for another Site in the Spotlight. Today, we’re moving across the ocean, to the beautiful city of New York. Over there, we find a school which is all about photography, called the New York Institute of Photography. And they do a lot online, over at

Online they’ve got a variety of articles, about shooting all kinds of things, ranging from sports to household stuff, like how to photograph holiday lights. Offline they offer an enormous amount of different courses, in all types of photography.

So enough said by me. To check it all out, I suggest you’ll hop over to Check back on friday for more from me. Until then, Enjoy.

When the Official Part is Done

Hello and Welcome back everybody. I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekends very much, just as I did. On saturday I had a shoot with a group of girlfriends, with the assistant of my very own girlfriend. And since we had some time left when we were done with the session, we did a quick double self portrait.

Lightning was extremely simple. One flashhead, with a standard reflector and grid aimed at us under an angle, creating some some nice shadows behind us.

That’s all for me for today, I’ve still got a lot to do, but I’ll be back. On wednesday I’ve got an all new Site in the Spotlight for you, and on friday I’ll be back with more shots. Until then, Enjoy.

Trying Lightroom Presets

Hello and Welcome back everybody. We all take a lot of shots, and some of them are instant winners, but others need a little bit of extra help. Using the built-in presets in Lightroom it’s very simple to give an ordinary photo just the pop to fix it.

For example, take this shot, fairly simple, and not much excitement going on (I did this as a kind of test shot, and I still have to go back to take the shot I wanted to, but that’s something else).

But by applying the high – contrast BW preset, the photo becomes much more interesting, since this brings it back to the lines which make up the shot.

Another way to try this out is to just click a number of presets, and take a good look at what happens on your screen, like I did here. I like this high contrast, backlit-idea. But I only got to that point after just trying it.

So next time you’ve got a decent shot, but you want to make it something special, just try the presets in Lightroom. And when you start to like them, do a small search on the internet to find many more of them.

That’s it for me for this week. I’ll be back on monday, until then Enjoy.

Site in the Spotlight 67

Hello and Welcome back everybody. As always on wednesday, it’s once again time to set another Site in the Spotlight. And today, on the stage, we have a site packed with information and photo’s,

On this site, one of the larger web communities can be found. Overthere, you can find tips on how to shoot certain subjects, as well as reviews of each other work, and even reviews of all kinds of equipment.

More than enough for you to check out, so hop over to I’ll be back on friday with more from me. Until then, Enjoy.

The ARBO Professional

Hello and Welcome back everybody, I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. Today I’m going back in time to last summer. My father is one of the lucky people to have a good online profile photo, taken by me.

The shot was taken against a dark-green shed, to create some contrast between him and the background. He uses his this shot on most of his social media, including his website, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you’re also looking for a new shot of yourself, consider me. Contact me via the contact page, and we can work things out. And if you’re looking for advise on how to work safe, hop over to the site of my father,

That’s all for me for today, I wish you all a wonderful week, check back on wednesday for a new Site in the Spotlight, and on friday for more from me. Until then, Enjoy.

Alternative Ways to Use your Expensive Camera

Hello and Welcome back everybody. We all have these beautiful camera’s, with lots of accessories, and people asking you why? You are using that camera not so very often, mainly during the holidays, and that’s it. Well, I’ve got a tip which can help you during these arguments.

Once in a while, something goes wrong, or falls apart. How handy is it, when you can take a picture of it, and sent it to the repair shop. I did this when something broke of my flash head, and they immediately knew what I was talking about.

Another example, was when we renovated our kitchen. We needed a plumber to lengthen to gas pipe for the stove, so we sent him some pictures of how it looked, and he know what he had to take with him.

Hope this helps you when you’re in an argument with someone, or just looking for reasons to buy a new camera. That’s all for me for today. Check back after the weekend for more. Enjoy!