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Because Every Photographer Likes To See Its Work Published

One of the reasons for shooting the DVO gymnastics selection was that the local newspaper doesn’t accept “normal” shots anymore for their newspaper, which meant that we had to shoot something new which they would place.

And I may proudly say that we succeeded. Yesterday the first shot was placed in the newspaper, as well as online on their website, so I’m proud of the succes.


Now only if they would put my name with the shot without me asking about it…

Information Sharing Is Caring

Yesterday I had the last exam of my master degree, and as usual I took the train way before I usually do to make sure that I’d arrive on time in Eindhoven. And somehow faith was playing with me, cause I got stuck at the station of Zaltbommel for over 20 minutes, and nobody knew how much longer it would take.

This happened due to a power failure at the Utrecht central station which caused the train traffic controllers to lose connections with all trains around Utrecht, including my train at Zaltbommel.

The good news of this all, however, was that the conductor of the train opened the doors and was standing out on the platform answering everyones question, and showing everybody the light signal which should become green at the end of the platform. Also, he explained that the computers in Utrecht had gone down, and that when that was rebooted we could continue.

This is, unfortunately, a rare situation with the trains in the Netherlands. Usually, I can find information about cancelled trains on the internet before I hear, let alone see a conductor on a train.

So my point is, we need more of these people on the trains, who can be seen and just show what the problem is and tell the details. People taking the train are not stupid. Sharing what you know brings much more understanding to the people, especially when it is not the fault of the people driving the train.

This is also true for other service industries, where you can usually make things better by providing an explanation. (Not always though, check this article for the entire explanation.)

But still, for every NS employee in the Netherlands, talk to your clients, especially when something is failing for you. We’re not dumb, we just want to hear the problem, after which we can do the math.

Some Recent Graphic Work

The fun part of the end of the semester at a university is that everything has to be handed in or presented, and most of all, that it has to look good.

For this semester that means that I’ve made two things of which I’m proud, one of which I told a bit about last week, and one I haven’t shown yet.

So first of all I want to show you the entire corporate identity I designed for ComboCab, a new player in the taxi branche (one day, probably). The logo reflects the fact that two people will be at the wheel (literally), since driving school cars will be used for this service.

The color yellow was chosen to reflect the color of the taxis in New York, which should give you an instant idea that it’s about taxis.


For the design of the paper I used a seven column layout, where the text spans the six columns furthest away from the spine. Graphics are placed with a width between 2 to 4 columns, and tables are seven columns wide, adjusted to the contents.

The lettertypes used are Avenir & Minion Pro, as I was inspired by this blogpost to use these two.

BP Opmaak ComboCab vs Final-Blog

Huisstijl CC2

For another course we had to design a poster, and I once again turned to the list above to select the font combination, this time being Gill Sans Bold & Garamond.

The entire poster is designed upon a four-column grid, where the width between the pictures in the second column is half the width between the first and second column. For the colors a bit cool version was chosen, using Adobe’s built-in color palettes.

Poster PE vs 03 Also awesome to design, and even more awesome to see printed out on A1 size.

So far so good. I hope to make some more nice designs in the coming time, and when they’re ready I’ll share them overhere.

What I Learned From Writing A Business Plan

I’m nearing the end of the semester (my second to-last to be exact) which means that I have ended a series of courses again.

One of those is called Technology Entrepreneurship, and the main part of the course was writing a business plan for a (self chosen) business. My team focussed on the new enterprise ComboCab, a platform on which users can request a taxi ride with a driving school.

I don’t want to focus on the idea further, but I merely want to focus on the use of writing a complete business plan in general.

In my opinion, it is a good idea to first sit down and overthink some things, do some research and most of all talk to some clients. And then you should start doing something.

And by something, I do not mean write around 50 pages of text about how amazing it is and where the opportunity lies, but start the development of your product. Go out talk to clients. Adapt the idea. Talk to some more people. Do something useful.

In these 20 weeks I wrote a lot of text, made a corporate identity and talked to a few potential clients. But up to this point there’s still not much more than an idea.

So for next year I hope that the focus wil shift to a more entrepreneurial view. Cut the crap (and most of the text) and make sure that the teams wil focus more on running a business. It’s not about talking like an entrepreneur, but being an entrepreneur.

Still, I do see the value in thinking before doing, but entrepreneurship, in my opinion, is most of all about doing.

Is Mobile Photography Slowly Taking Over The World?

Probably the biggest photo sharing website in the world is Flickr. Over the course of a year over 10 billion photos were uploaded by over 100 million users. And these users include both professional and amateur photographers, making it a very useable sample for checking out what the most used cameras around the world are.

Just a few days back Flickr revealed the data over 2014, and surprisingly (or not, depends on how you look at it) Apple is slowly taking over Flickr.

While in 2013 Apple took the third spot with 7.7% of all uploaded photo’s, last year it grew to a second place with a 9.6% share. And even more important, it has taken over the long time number two: Nikon.

Last year Canon was the only one staying ahead of Apple, but how about next year?

When looking at the list right now, Apple has taken over the first place, and this might just be the first year that a non-camera manufacturer is in the lead of this list. Which raises the question: What’s in the future for the original big camera manufacturers?

Will they hang on to their current strategies, and go for a quite dead, or focus more on specific niches which are still interesting for them, like professional photographers and videographers?

Only the future will tell us, but that this change is happening is very clear. We’ll just have to keep our eyes open to see what will happen.

 Header image: Franck Michel under CC

Anti Hero Advertising

Although it is a campaign which was run last year, I still think that it is one of the best print ad campaigns I have seen last year.

The ads are for an information line about domestic violence, and show Disney fairy tale hero(ine)s after they’ve been hit by their significant other.

The texts underneath are all also very strong and in line with the pictures, and the pictures itself are very simple, though highly effective in the message they want to convey.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“…and then the fairy tale had ended.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“How long will you keep believing in the fairy tale?”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“At home I’m not the hero.”

In my opinion more of these types of campaigns may be run, though I hope that one day we will only have to run these for good causes, because all the shit has left the world.

But until then, I hope for more of this type of ads.

Upgrading Your MacBook

Last week I finally took the step of upgrading my 4,5 year old MacBook Pro. Although it was working fine for all those years, it had become somewhat slower and the programs all took more space, which lead me to taking of the bottom of my laptop last week.

I replaced the standard 320gb harddrive with a new 500gb SSD drive, and I upgraded the RAM from 4 to 8 GB, making it once again into a racing machine.

The placing of the parts in my laptop was a breeze. I ordered the components, as well as the needed screwdrivers (who thought that you needed a trilobe screwdriver to remove your battery?) from, the components part of MacRepair, one of the larger Mac repair shops in the Netherlands.

Ordering is really simple, even when you don’t know exactly your type of computer, since they have a handy guide which helps you determine your type, and delivery took just over a day, because I was just late with ordering.

The best part of this shop, however, is that they have a series of instruction videos online in which they show you, step-by-step, how to open your computer, replace the component and close it again. And with the help of that I saved myself quite some money by putting the parts in myself.

So overall I’m very pleased with them, and if I’m ever upgrading one again, I’ll check back at them. Highly recommended.

Just some quick notes about replacing your HDD. Before you take out the old one, it’s a wise idea to copy it to the new drive. I used SuperDuper, which worked perfectly. Beware however, even using a FireWire 800 connection to the external drive it still took about 12 hours to copy the 300 GB, so don’t try to do it on the very last moment.

Also, make sure to run your virusscanner before you start copying. I had some hidden viruses in the spam box of my e-mail, and although they were inactive and hidden away, it still stopped SuperDuper from copying the data. So first run your virusscanner, then start copying your data.

And finally, as a third tip, go find your license key of your Microsoft Office, cause somehow it screws something up internally which means that every time you try to launch it from your new hard drive it will ask for a license key.

Still, overall I’m very happy with the upgrade, and I can recommend it to everyone who doesn’t want to go broke on a new laptop but still wishes to make it go faster.

Header image: Inside of a MacBook Pro Unibody, by Cristoph Bauer on Flickr under CC license.

Time For Change

Today is the first day of the year 2015 AD. And as always on the first of January many people will have some New Years Resolutions to change parts of their life. So for not much news for most of us.

I’m taking this point in time also as a point of change: a point to change the blog. Whereas before I was bringing you news on Monday and Friday and a Site in the Spotlight on Wednesday, from today on, that will change.

The frequency of updates will be brought back to twice a week, on Monday and Thursday, and I’ll stop with the regular updates of Site in the Spotlight.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll never post another Site in the Spotlight ever again, but I’m merely giving myself more space to write about more interesting stuff instead of looking up a potentially interesting website for you.

And by blogging just twice a week I give myself a bit more time for those two posts, allowing me to bring you better quality.

I am personally quite excited about this, and I hope to improve myself over the coming year in all fields I’m operating (which include Photography, Design and Innovation and everything else I think is interesting). On the blog I’ll still keep you posted about the things that trigger me, I get irritated by or something I just want to share.

So keep an eye out on the site, but from now on on Monday and Thursday.

And for the rest I wish everybody an awesome 2015, in good health and with plenty of love and happiness.