Turning The Gymnastics Training Hall Into A Photostudio

Once a year I work together with the female top gymnastics team of DVO Dordrecht. During this shoot we shoot, amongst others, some shots they can use for their press releases as well as some free work for myself (and the gymnasts of course).

The last few years I only used my Elinchrom Quadra system to light the subjects, but this year I added a black background to the set to create some very special images. What kind of images? These:

Als de turnhal omgetoverd wordt tot fotostudio.. from ADV on Vimeo.

With kind thanks to my father/ADV Media Productions for shooting the video!

Foto’s NK Turnen Dordrecht

Attentie: De foto’s zijn niet langer meer online te bestellen. Mocht je graag nog wel een foto willen bestellen, neem dan even contact met mij op.

21 en 22 mei jl. hebben zo’n 300 turnsters zich van hun beste kant laten zien op het NK turnen in Dordrecht. In de landelijke finale van de 3e divisie schitterden ze, van jong tot oud. Op zaterdag tijdens de algemene finale, en op zondag tijdens de toestelfinales. En tussendoor op zondagmorgen nog de halve finale van de jeugd bij de 1e divisie.

Ik had de eer om dit alles vanaf de vloer te mogen fotograferen als officieel persfotograaf vanuit DVO Dordrecht. Een kans waar ik erg blij mee ben, maar na twee dagen merk ik dat mijn spieren een beetje moe zijn van het in moeilijke houdingen zitten. Desalniettemin ben ik tevreden met de foto’s, en ik hoop de turnsters, coaches en ouders ook.

Nogmaals dank en alle eer voor de organisatie, want zonder hen was het nooit zo goed verlopen! Over drie jaar weer doen?

Testing the Elinchrom Ringflash Eco

Although I had this one for over a month, I still didn’t have the time to test drive until last week (at least not for it’s intended purpose, as third off-camera light it had already been used).

The Elinchrom Ringflash Eco can be seen as an integral part of the Elinchrom Quadra/ELB system. It’s small, but still quite powerful at a relatively low weight (that is, for a ring flash, overall I still had to put it down every once in a while to rest my arms, but also my girlfriend was able to take shots with it without complaining about the weight).


And the results are what one might expect from it: The classical ring-light touch. I topped it off by putting two regular Quadra heads behind me for some kicker lights, and voila, it worked very well.


Just one small note. The quite large 24-120mm from Nikon can sometimes be a little bit too small for the ringflash. On the other hand, the effect of backfiring light created some very nice haze points due to some dirt on the lens, which is a nice artistic touch.


So far so good. I will not give a full in-depth review about the details. I’d just like to conclude by saying that it is a very competitive product at a reasonable price when you’re looking for a real ringflash (so not an extension of your on-camera flash).

Some Thoughts on the Elinchrom ELB-400

A few years ago I became the proud owner of an Elinchrom Quadra set. A remarkable piece of flash technology that combines the power of a studio flash with the size of a large strobist system.

Moving a few years forward in time, Elinchrom presented the Elinchrom ELB-400, an evolution of the Quadra. The idea and form are the same, but at some points it has seen some big improvements. And so I now added one of these boys to my system.

I will not go into full depth here and write a review highlighting all the differences between the new and the old system since plenty of these can be found online. I just want to share what I like about it. Cause I do like it, a lot.

The most obvious upgrade compared to the Quadra comes from the redesigned top panel, which allows you to easily adjust all your settings without having to go through all kinds of numbers in the menu. Right now it is just a very simple system where you can go up and down and click on what you like. So you can for example choose easily between one of the twelve different ready beeps. Maybe not the first thing that you’d like to change, but you will do it at some point because it is just so easy.

Furthermore it has a lot of internal upgrades which you won’t use often, and I’m also still finding out a lot of the system, but so far it has been wonderful to use.

And maybe the most important reason to buy a second system, you won’t have to run extra long cables to the second flash head with all risks associated, you can just put the second system there.

The only shoot so far in which I have put the system to a real test has been the gymnastics shoot, but I’ll try to shoot some more in the coming weeks to show here.

The header was shot using the combined system, but due to a failing skyport only the front set triggered. Still, the visual slave function does work very well on the system as I learned that day.

Cropped Facades

In my neighborhood a lot of new buildings are erected, and most of them are quite high. Since they all have a maximum height (depending on the ground quality here), there isn’t much competition on how high they can become.

On the other hand, the facades are the point to compete on, considering the wide variety that can be found there.

I’ve made it into a small project to capture these facades, thereby focussing only on the facades and cutting of all other things around it, such as the sky. These are just a few of these shots from this series.

_DSC0509 _DSC0519 _DSC0522 _DSC0526

Caught Mid-Air

I’ve got one shoot which is returning every year, just because everybody just really likes it. Each year around Christmas I meet up with the ladies selection gymnasts of DVO Dordrecht for a shoot where I freeze them at special points in time.

The business idea is always simply the same, I offer them the shots for their PR, and I can sell them to the gymnasts. Very simple, but most of all we just have fun doing this.

Hope you enjoy these shots!

_DSC2377-bewerkt _DSC2484-bewerkt _DSC2511-bewerkt


Some Quick Beach & Dune Shots

Today I just want to share some shots with you. No awesome story behind it, I just like them.

The photos were taken in the Kennemerduinen and the beach of Zandvoort. I did the NS walk Kennemerduinen, from station Santpoort Noord to Overveen which is a beautiful route through this landscape and a very nice place to take these shots.

_DSC2623 _DSC2626 _DSC2629 _DSC2638

Check back on thursday for some more details about the graphic design choices I made for my thesis.

How to Sound Fancy as Photographer

One thing photographers are very good at is making it sound like they’re doing something amazing.

We’re not just shooting landscapes, no we”re shooting Fine-art. And we’re not just taking some holiday shots, no, we’re doing Travel Photography.

If you want to be able to sound just as awesome as photographer, take a look at this website, where one photographer has written down very well (and funny) what photographers actually mean when they say what they do.