First Test With the D750

This weekend I picked up my new camera at Kamera Express (great service by the way), and I must say after testing it for some time in a forest that I am extremely pleased with what I’ve been able to get out of it.

The Nikon D750 together with the 24-120mm F4 is a really a very good combination, giving you both quite a wide range, while still preserving much of the Depth of Field (which is awesome anyway with a full frame).

And I’m also extremely pleased with the 85mm 1.8 I picked up at a small price, which gives awesome bokeh.

I haven’t tested it very thoroughly so no real in-depth review for now. However, I do have some examples from this weekend. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do and did taking them.

_DSC0154 _DSC0175 _DSC0217 _DSC0220 _DSC0238 _DSC0276

The Future of Photography (According to the Trade Show)

Last weekend the annual Dutch photography trade show Professional Imaging was held, and I must watch out to not fall in the same mood as last year.

However, just like last year very little news was found at the trade show. Still an enormous amount of print companies printing wedding books and still many companies presenting cheap Chinese gadgets (and not the good ones).

So the future of photography according to this trade show lies in wedding books and filming with the help of cheap Chinese gadgets. But for the rest, almost no special attention for video, no real news about really innovative solutions for presenting your work, just the plain old same …. (fill in for yourself).

It’s still a shame that the trade show is like that, but luckily there were still enough enthousiasts with too big cameras walking around the floor with their enormous tele lenses to show off how awesome they are (and if you were they walking around like that, you are awesome!) to make my day.

Still, I wonder what this will look like in ten years, if it exists at all, since for the real news you can better check the internet.

Because Every Photographer Likes To See Its Work Published

One of the reasons for shooting the DVO gymnastics selection was that the local newspaper doesn’t accept “normal” shots anymore for their newspaper, which meant that we had to shoot something new which they would place.

And I may proudly say that we succeeded. Yesterday the first shot was placed in the newspaper, as well as online on their website, so I’m proud of the succes.


Now only if they would put my name with the shot without me asking about it…

Is Mobile Photography Slowly Taking Over The World?

Probably the biggest photo sharing website in the world is Flickr. Over the course of a year over 10 billion photos were uploaded by over 100 million users. And these users include both professional and amateur photographers, making it a very useable sample for checking out what the most used cameras around the world are.

Just a few days back Flickr revealed the data over 2014, and surprisingly (or not, depends on how you look at it) Apple is slowly taking over Flickr.

While in 2013 Apple took the third spot with 7.7% of all uploaded photo’s, last year it grew to a second place with a 9.6% share. And even more important, it has taken over the long time number two: Nikon.

Last year Canon was the only one staying ahead of Apple, but how about next year?

When looking at the list right now, Apple has taken over the first place, and this might just be the first year that a non-camera manufacturer is in the lead of this list. Which raises the question: What’s in the future for the original big camera manufacturers?

Will they hang on to their current strategies, and go for a quite dead, or focus more on specific niches which are still interesting for them, like professional photographers and videographers?

Only the future will tell us, but that this change is happening is very clear. We’ll just have to keep our eyes open to see what will happen.

 Header image: Franck Michel under CC

New Headshot

I’d been planning this shot for quite some time. I wanted to take a new headshot for quite some time, and when I bike from my house to the station I come by this spot (so almost daily).

So a few weeks back I finally went there to take the shot, with the help from my girlfriend who took the actual shot.


Though it’s not tack sharp at large sizes, it’s a very good shot for any use on social media including LinkedIn, and that’s what it was originally intended for.