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Schermafbeelding 2013-02-13 om 21.30.51Hello and Welcome back everybody. Today I’ve got a new business concept for creatives for you. Entrepreneurial hubs are like mushrooms coming out of the ground everywhere these days, but just one space for the creatives to, on the one side do office work and on the other side be creative in the same building. The new business Weld has just made this.  Online you can find them on

In their building they have a studio, and also they have workspaces available where you can do creative stuff on computers and you can just use a desk to do your office work. And on top of that they offer several masterclasses and workshops every month which can help you grow with your business.

These people aim at the creatives in the Dallas area with some special pricing strategy. They’ve got three plans for you. First of all, the day pass, for one day of fun at the office. Next to that they’ve got two regular visitor passes, the lite and the standard edition. The difference between these two is how much time you’ve got to enter the building, and more important, for how much and how long you can use the in-house studio.

I personally believe that this is an extremely cool concept and has a lot of growth potential, especially since more and more people are starting their own business, but don’t have space to work at or that don’t have a studio.

Note to myself, think about the possibilities for this in the Netherlands. If anybody wants to join me in developing this, let me know.

That’s it for me today. On friday I’ll be back with more. Until next time, Enjoy.

Away With Out of Focus Shots


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Hello and Welcome back everybody. We all know the problem that we’ve shot a photo and that when we take a look at it we see that the focus is slightly off. Or that you wanted the focus on the people in the back instead of that funny person in the front. Now these problems can be solved forever. The new Lytro camera allows you to set the focal point afterwards, using special software.

The technique this camera uses is that it’s lenses take several pictures at the same time, all with different focal planes. The software combines these into one new shot, and when you click somewhere on it it will focus on that spot.

The problem with this is that the resolution isn’t very high, 1024×1024, but on the other hand you can’t compare really compare this new type of “dynamic” camera with the traditional cameras. Prices for these cameras start at $399 for the standard version, but more’s available for more $s.

To see an example, or to find out more, check out the website of Lytro at I’ll keep it to this for now. On monday I’ll be back with more. Until next time, Enjoy.

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Schermafbeelding 2013-01-30 om 18.38.02Hello and Welcome back everybody. Polaroid has long been known for it’s instant cameras, but lately it has had some trouble finding a new identity in the digital era. The latest attempt to revamp their business model is the Polaroid Foto Bar (yes, that’s photo with an F) and you can see more here:

What are their plans with this? They’re getting back to what they used to do, turning memories into prints. But they’re changing it a bit now. First of all, the shops look like real bars, so the computers are at a bar, and you sit on a barstool to load your pictures.

When you’re seated comfortably a newly designed hardware/software system will get the photos of your phone, camera or drive without hassle and then the people who work there will help you turn it into art. They offer a lot of possibilities including regular prints, canvas, wood, aluminum and even so called lucite art (your photo printed on glass).

The idea is that you can walk out with the regular photos in a few minutes and that all the other kinds of art you make will be send to your home and that you have them within 72 hours. This is very fast compared to the average week that it takes now.

The only question is, will the people buy it? There are already a lot of companies who offer stuff like this, so polaroid will have to work very hard to differentiate themselves. They have to offer a lot of extra value for this to work out, but I’m curious to see how this will work out.

If you’re interested as well, keep an eye out on Right now there are only plans for America, but maybe the rest of the world will follow soon.

I’ll keep it to this now, on friday I’ll be back with more from me. Until next time, Enjoy.

The New Kind of Models

Schermafbeelding 2013-01-25 om 20.08.07Hello and Welcome back everybody. The past few years we’ve seen a change in the fashion world. Where before it were the big magazines who dictated what was in fashion, now there’s much more democracy. Fashion blogs show what’s in fashion from all around the world. One of the bigger is the Danish blog

The shots on these blogs are usually photos from people walking on the street. The photographers for these blogs just walk around the streets and look for interesting people. In this way they earn their money with just being outside and shooting interesting people.

These blogs earn their money with ads from the brands which you can see on the sites. In this way they’ve used the standard online business model (earning money with ads on your site) to create new ways of earning money as a photographer. Pretty cool.

Have you spotted any other opportunities in photography land lately? Share them below.

I’ll keep it to this for today. On monday I’ll be back with more from me. Until next time, Enjoy.


Hello and Welcome back everybody. As you may know it’s very hard to shoot an interesting video of something, when you can only use on standpoint. On the other hand, multicam means usually that you need to spend a lot of money, which you probably don’t have.

Here the brilliant guys from collabracam step in. They allow you to shoot from four different iPhones/iPods/iPads at the same time and edit it in real time on a fifth iDevice. This means that it becomes much easier to shoot stuff like this.

The video footage is streamed over wifi to the main device, on which you’ll see four miniatures of the camera’s. One of the downsides that I heard of is that the audio is always taped from the source you’re filming from, which means that if you take a shot from far back, you won’t hear anything. Maybe they solved it and you can hang a microphone onto one base device.



For the rest I think that it’s an amazing idea which is really worth it to work out further. So keep an eye out on their site:

That’s it for me now. Check back on monday for more from me. Until next time, Enjoy.