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A Quick Spring Photoshop Tip

Hello and Welcome back everybody. Spring has come, and it won’t be stopped soon, so just a quick Photoshop trick so you can bring the spring into your portraits.

Just start of with a portrait shot against a light background, and take a photo of some flowers or petals. Open them both up in Photoshop, and put the flowers over the portrait. Now comes the magic. Change the blending mode to Overlay of whichever you like, add a mask to the flowerlayer and paint away the flowers over the face of your model. It’s a simple as that. (If this went too fast, check out this tutorial I wrote earlier about the same subject.)

That’s all for me today. I’ll be back on wednesday with a new Site in the Spotlight, and on friday with more from me. Until then, Enjoy.

When You’re Not Scouting For Locations

Hello and Welcome back everybody. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, just like me. Today I want to talk to you about something that might just happen to you.

Last week, when shooting the train-bridge, I saw these maintenance things standing next to the car bridge over the “Hollands Diep”. This gave me some inspiration for doing a shoot with a model with some kind of industrial look over it. Since this idea only popped to my mind, I haven’t done much with it, but maybe somewhere in the future, I will.

So next time you’re going out, keep you’re eyes wide open, to spot any possible locations which might be nice for you to use in your photography. And it’s even handier when you’ve got some kind of camera with you, so you can take a photo of it to remember it (just a phone pic is enough). Enough of the talking from me, I”ll be back on wednesday with a new Site in the Spotlight, and on friday more from me. Enjoy.

The 1st Anniversary

Hello and Welcome back everyone. Last wednesday was the official first anniversary for the blog, and to celebrate that with all of you, I have a special action for you.

During the month of September, I’m offering a 10% discount on all Model for a Day Shoots. So they start at only 90 euro’s. For more information about these shoots, visit this page:, or contact me.

Condititions: Only new appointments, made before the September 30,  2011 are applicable. The shoot should take place within one month after the day the appointment was made. For more information, contact me.

That’s it for me for today, I hope I can make some people happy with the discount offered above, enjoy your weekends, and check back on monday for more.

The Simple Outside Part

Hello everyone, as I promised on monday today the outside part of the photo series. I did nothing special taking the photo’s, the color treatments were done in Lightroom using some presets.

Enough talking from me, just enjoy the pictures, and make sure to check back after the weekend for more from me.




Sometimes It Can Be So Simple

Hello and Welcome back. Life can sometimes be so simple, but it usually isn’t. That’s why it’s our job as photographers to keep things as simple as possible to take great photo’s with the least effort. And when some people ask you to take their photo’s, you just can’t resist. So today, the studio part of my session with Elvira, of which I didn’t know anything until the day before.

The first photo’s were all taken using the most simple setup you can think of. On my right there was a Elinchrom BX-Ri 500 with the Deep Octa on it (love that thing) and behind the model was a white wall. And that’s all there is. By turning the light away from the wall, it turned out grey.

For the second series I set up the big 175cm octabox as backlight. With that we first of all shot the silhouettes, and after that I added one 20 degree grid to a standard reflector to light up only the face, but keep the rest in darkness.

The black background is also very easy to light. For this I set up a strip light to my right, and aimed it away from the background to make it completely black. To separate the model more from the background you could add an extra accent light to the left back (seen from the photographers side).

The final picture was set up as following. Above me, just to the right off center, in horizontal position the striplight, and behind the screen the reflector with grid. After that I used a preset on it in Lightroom, to give it this arty farty look.

That’s it for me for today, check back wednesday for a new Site in the Spotlight, and check back friday for the outdoor part of the series.And to finish it off a shot from my assistant/second shooter of the day, Gert. Enjoy.

Me, …

myself and I. I bet you thought that this would be it, but it is not. I just want to show you a quick self portrait I did last weekend.

Me. Myself and I will probably follow sometime...

Specially for the people interested in the lightning. The white background was created around me by using a translucent screen with the sun shining through it. On me there’s a single bare bulb SB-800 facing down at a 45 degree angle about 50cm above the camera.

The postproduction started with applying the preset Creative Color Cool Tint (I believe that that’s the English name), after which I added some white around and upped the contrast a bit extra.

That’s it for today. Check back wednesday for a new Site in the Spotlight, and friday for more from me.


Het maken van beelden fascineert de mensheid al eeuwen. In de prehistorie gebruikte men nog natuurlijke kleurstoffen en de muren van de grotten, eind negentiende eeuw werd er een uitvinding gedaan die licht kon opslaan, de fotocamera was geboren.

Sindsdien is er veel veranderd, maar mensen blijven de fascinatie houden met het maken van beelden, waarbij ze ook herinneringen worden. Wie heeft er nu geen foto’s thuis van toen hij/zij klein was, of van de vakantie van afgelopen jaar.

Alhoewel al die herinneringen ontzettend leuk zijn, en het ook ontzettend leuk is om te fotograferen, kan of wil je niet altijd foto’s maken. Voor zulk soort momenten ben ik er. Wil je bijvoorbeeld een familiefoto om je ouders te verrassen, of wil je echt goede foto’s van jezelf, neem dan eens contact op met mij, en laat je verrassen!