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Site in the Spotlight 225

There’s a news website for everything these days. For regular news, for tech news, and also for Science related news.

Scientific American has been one of the biggest magazines about Science in America for a long time (they started in 1845, you do the math). Just like every self-respecting news site these days they are also making very good use of their website to keep the world up-to-date about what’s going on in the world of science.

Though the writing sometimes is a little scientific, it still is a very good site to keep up-to-date. See for yourself over at

Site in the Spotlight 224

Okay. Today I’m cheating a little bit, since it’s not the entire website I’d like to show you, but only the part about the brand new book Value Proposition Design, made by the people behind Business Model Generation.

In this new book they offer you all the help you need to come up with great Value Propositions, which are part of your business model. Just like in their other book, they start of with explaining the basics (which you can download on their site for free by the way), after which they dive deeper into it by explaining the succes of certain companies and the Value Propositions they use.

In my mind another very cool book, and most of all a very useful book for everybody who sometimes have to do with Value Propositions. To find out more, just visit the site

Site in the Spotlight 223

Sustainability still is a hot issue in the world, which is a good thing in my opinion. However, incorporating sustainability in a business can be quite hard.

What should we focus on, what is really true and all sorts of other questions are for most companies a little unclear (not to say vague). To help these companies with their quest for a better world, offers advice on how to handle these problems. is a think-tank and strategy advisory company, which focusses on sustainability. On their site you can find loads of cases about the subject, as well as trends and the latest news on sustainability in larger corporations.

Truly an interesting site for anyone who wants to learn some more about it or wants some inspiration for their own company.

Site in the Spotlight 222

With all the bad news in the world, it is always nice to set the spotlight on the things that go well and make the world better.

Each year in the Netherlands, a list is compiled with 100 young people doing something in or for sustainability. On this list you can find all kinds of people; entrepreneurs, people who work at large companies or people working at NGOs, all with one goal in common: making a more sustainable world.

This years list came out a couple of weeks ago, and to see the entire list you can visit their site:

Unfortunately it’s only in Dutch, but still very interesting to take a look at when you feel that the world is burning and want to see some positivism.

Site in the Spotlight 220

Leading a business can be quite hard. Focussing on the right things, getting to the point in meetings and knowing when to say no. It can be hard for someone to learn this on their own.

Luckily, there are plenty of experienced entrepreneurs in the world, which can help people with becoming a better leader.

This afternoon I had a small guest lecture by mister George Begemann. He is a very experienced entrepreneur, and gave some very good insights in how to run a business in real life.

On his website,, you can find some examples of his work, and on his blog you can find some nice examples on leadership.

For anyone who’s leading any business it can be very interesting to take a look and maybe you can learn something from it. The only downside is that it’s only in Dutch…

Site in the Spotlight 219

Today I’ve got a little different than usual site for you. Springeruit Drukwerk, a printing company, has taken the level of CSR to the top.

The company uses mentally disabled people to do all the hand work of the prints, or as they beautifully say it: “We zijn allemaal verantwoordelijk voor het welbevinden van mensen die zich niet alleen kunnen redden. – We are all responsible for the wellbeing of people who can’t make it on their own.

From binding books to folding boxes and putting the pen in a small case. All of these simple jobs are done by people who normally wouldn’t be able to do anything, but are offered a chance to do something they like to do, and do something useful.

This is truly one of the best examples of Corporate Social Responsibility I’ve ever seen. So anybody whose looking for some special printing to be done, please consider Springeruit to do it for you.

Site in the Spotlight 218

Science can be very hard. And on a daily basis a lot of news comes out of all of the different fields within the sciences. Luckily there is a site which can bring you the latest science, understandable. brings you the latest science news during the day, in a quite understandable way. It is still scientific research from a high level, so sometimes it is somewhat harder to understand, but normally one can follow it.

The topics range from physics to medicine to the brain and a lot more. Almost all the research they report about is also useful to apply in real life, making it more interesting than dry theory.

I hope it can serve you somehow, either as a simple getaway from what you’re doing to give yourself a break, or as an inspiration for trying to make hard things explained in a more understandable way. Decide for yourself by checking it out over at

Site in the Spotlight 217

The most easy way to test if everybody understood your lecture, is by having a small quiz at the end of it. As simple as it sounds, there are not many options to gather the answers of students in a simple and fast way.

However, almost everyone has a WiFi-enabled device with them these days, being it a laptop, iPad or smartphone, which means that you can easily use these to gather the answers.

And that is exactly what does.

This site allows you to simply make quizzes, where the answers can be given via the internet. No registration of the participants is required, all a participant has to fill in is a pin and choose a username. After that you can run the quiz.

Between the questions you will see the scores of each player, sparking some extra competition between the players.

On their site you can find all the details and try it out for yourself.

Last week we used it during one of the lectures and I can say that it works really well, everybody was in the game in no-time and it was a real fun way to test us. Highly recommended (at least from the user side).

Site in the Spotlight 216

Innovation Management is a very interesting field of study. However, not everybody can go to the university to follow (part of) the program.

Luckily for those people, the internet has a very good alternative. offers an enormous library of innovation management articles, as well as online courses to teach you in several subjects that are part of the innovation management world.

On the site you can find an enormous amount of information, which can help anyone interested in using innovation in their organization. Want to see it yourself? Hop over to

Site in the Spotlight 215

Strategy and Technology are two of the main focal points of the master Innovation Management in Eindhoven. Also, they are the two building blocks of Ben Thompsons’ blog “

On his blog, he writes about  technology and strategy, linking them together. He looks at the tech news through these glasses, and reflects on the strategy of for example Apple and what he expects that will come.

Anybody whose interested in these topics should take a look at it. Sometimes he has somewhat more extreme opinions, but overall he can give you some nice inspiration.