Bringing User Testing to the User

Whenever designing something new, it is important to involve the users of your new product. Our National Railways (NS) take this very seriously, when it comes to ordering new sprinter trains.

Right now they offer all travellers the opportunity to test three types of new seats for these trains at the Rotterdam Central Station. Everyone can then vote for it, thereby choosing their favorite one.

NS has promised that the votes of the people will have a significant influence on the final decision, making this a very good example of user influenced innovation.

Even though the choice is fairly small (3 options), it is already a big step forward involving all users of the train, so not only the train drivers.

So how can you involve all of your users in your innovation process? And try to think further than the normal users; take one step deeper and make it as easy as possible for them to test it.

This will make your users more happy, so give it a try!