Electricity Safety Issues (but in a good way)

One of the many things that Grontmij does is measuring a lot of things at the electricity grid within a building. Not only the amount of electricity used and voltage of the system can be measured, but also the more hardcore stuff like harmonics .

The issue with measuring things, however, is that these measuring instruments need to be connected to live wires to be able to measure. And finding a live wire to which you can connect your equipment is quite a challenge, as we found out yesterday.

To see how one of these measurement works we went on a quest to find a place where we could connect this apparatus to the grid. We visited three different places where we thought could do this, but all were protected in such a manner that it was impossible to connect to the system without shutting it down.

Is this a good or a bad thing then? I, and with me my¬†colleagues, think that this is the best. Live wires are dangerous, and so one shouldn’t just be able to touch them by accident when you’re near them.

Only trained people with the right skills should be able to handle this, but still it is the best option to just take off the electricity while working on it. This might be more hassle then years back, but still the costs of an injury or even a fatality are never worth the risk for doing this.

So please, don’t try to do anything with live electricity unless you know extremely well what you’re doing.

Do you have any other nice examples of safety innovations requiring a change of workflow? Share them below!