Guess Who’s Back

That’s right. It has been very quite over here the past few months, due to several reasons, but I’m back and I’ll have enough to post over the coming weeks in updates, both from recent items as well as from the past months.

Today I’ll just start with a small list of┬áthe most important things of the past few months, but expect more depth in upcoming posts.

  1. I finished my master thesis and so I am officially Master of Science now (already for several months, but still important to name)
  2. I’m looking for an interesting job. Although I like freelancing a lot I do want to develop myself further in a ‘normal’ job over the coming years and maybe eventually become an entrepreneur myself (a typical case of never say never)
  3. And as third and final point, the photography is still going strong, with some interesting images to share, as well as some more gear reviews (for example, the header is a Next-Level selfie, of which I’ll explain more another time)

For today I’ll just keep it to this, but I’ll get back to you in the second half of this week and in the coming weeks with hopefully some more entertaining posts for you.

In the mean time, Enjoy.