Power Failure Back-up?

This morning a high voltage power station failed near to Amsterdam, leading to a large scale black-out for over 1 million people.

Not much new there, sh*t happens, but what really struck me (besides the fact that the railways are still failing five hours after solving the problem) was that Schiphol Airport had to divert all incoming flights for not only themselves but also for the other airports in the Netherlands, including Rotterdam-The Hague Airport.

The main issue is that you can not keep a flight in the air for as long as you want. It will run out of fuel sooner or later.

I seriously wonder why they don’t have a sufficient power back-up system at Air Traffic Control to at least make sure that you can safely land the planes at one of the airports. It shouldn’t be that hard and especially for such a vital part of air transport it is an absolute must to have a sufficient back-up.

Anything is possible: batteries, generators, you name it.

What would you suggest to them? Suggestions are welcome in the comments!

Header image: The information sign in the overly crowded bus I took to get home, stating Bus Full, taken a minute after departure. Yes, there were some sad faces at some busstops when we didn’t take them with us.