Some Quick News and A Quick Tip

Welcome! Today I’ve got a couple of things to share with you.

To start off with, tomorrow I’ll be at the Staples Ondernemersdag in Dordrecht. On this wonderful day I’ll be there with the photography, together with a group of other entrepreneurs from the city. For full information and to see the other participants, visit this site.

As a second point, I’ve further updated my house style, which can be seen in the promotion leaflet for the Model For A Day Experience, and in the business card. The text’s Dutch only, but there’s nothing new on it.

Selectively colored using Lightroom.

And to finish it all off a quick Lightroom tip on how to create selectively colored images, especially when they have one color you want to leave in, like the red phoneboots. In the develop module select the HSL panel, and click on the Saturation panel. Now you see 8 different color sliders which you can drag to the left to take that color out of the image.

Alternatively you can first off all take them all down, and then click on the small button at the left of the panel, just beneath the Hue. With this you can click on a certain color in the image, and when you hold and drag it up or down you can change the Saturation, or whichever setting you have selected.

That’s it for me for this week. Check back on monday for more, and wednesday for a new Site in the Spotlight.