A few years ago I became the proud owner of an Elinchrom Quadra set. A remarkable piece of flash technology that combines the power of a studio flash with the size of a large strobist system.

Moving a few years forward in time, Elinchrom presented the Elinchrom ELB-400, an evolution of the Quadra. The idea and form are the same, but at some points it has seen some big improvements. And so I now added one of these boys to my system.

I will not go into full depth here and write a review highlighting all the differences between the new and the old system since plenty of these can be found online. I just want to share what I like about it. Cause I do like it, a lot.

The most obvious upgrade compared to the Quadra comes from the redesigned top panel, which allows you to easily adjust all your settings without having to go through all kinds of numbers in the menu. Right now it is just a very simple system where you can go up and down and click on what you like. So you can for example choose easily between one of the twelve different ready beeps. Maybe not the first thing that you’d like to change, but you will do it at some point because it is just so easy.

Furthermore it has a lot of internal upgrades which you won’t use often, and I’m also still finding out a lot of the system, but so far it has been wonderful to use.

And maybe the most important reason to buy a second system, you won’t have to run extra long cables to the second flash head with all risks associated, you can just put the second system there.

The only shoot so far in which I have put the system to a real test has been the gymnastics shoot, but I’ll try to shoot some more in the coming weeks to show here.

The header was shot using the combined system, but due to a failing skyport only the front set triggered. Still, the visual slave function does work very well on the system as I learned that day.