Although I had this one for over a month, I still didn’t have the time to test drive until last week (at least not for it’s intended purpose, as third off-camera light it had already been used).

The Elinchrom Ringflash Eco can be seen as an integral part of the Elinchrom Quadra/ELB system. It’s small, but still quite powerful at a relatively low weight (that is, for a ring flash, overall I still had to put it down every once in a while to rest my arms, but also my girlfriend was able to take shots with it without complaining about the weight).


And the results are what one might expect from it: The classical ring-light touch. I topped it off by putting two regular Quadra heads behind me for some kicker lights, and voila, it worked very well.


Just one small note. The quite large 24-120mm from Nikon can sometimes be a little bit too small for the ringflash. On the other hand, the effect of backfiring light created some very nice haze points due to some dirt on the lens, which is a nice artistic touch.


So far so good. I will not give a full in-depth review about the details. I’d just like to conclude by saying that it is a very competitive product at a reasonable price when you’re looking for a real ringflash (so not an extension of your on-camera flash).