One of the things that can be very helpful for innovation is clustering companies that are in the same sector but are not direct competitors.

In the naval sector this is no different, and so I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the recreational harbor or Bruinisse last weekend. This large harbor (1.400 places) has a very good mix of companies. For example, they have a store for supplies, but also a boat sales company for both new and second-hand boats and two large halls were boats can be serviced indoors in a sheltered environment.

All together this creates a very fertile environment for innovation, where the companies can create new products and services together which they can immediately try on their customers which lay in the port.

It all looks quite new, and so at the moment I can’t find any news about innovations coming from there, but the environment has been shaped. And so it’s an interesting place to keep an eye out for any future boating related innovations.

And as a bonus, the parking lot has some very special stripes 🙂

2016-03-05 11.49.18