Site in the Spotlight 37

Welcome, to this week’s edition of Site in the Spotlight. Since I’m into textures ¬†with the blog this week, I thought why not show you one of the photographers who uses it, and wrote a nice little article over at Digital Photography School. I introduce to you, Pam Photography, and their site over at

This photographing couple is specialized in fine-art photography, of California and the desert Southwest. In their portfolio you cannot only find their breathtaking images of landscapes, but also of the rest of what nature has to offer us, including some nice animal shots.

But the most interesting gallery, especially for this week, is the series “Photo Art: Creative artistic interpreations of photographs”. In this series they combine their photo’s with certain overlays to create an unique look.

That’s it for me for today, now it’s time for you to go check them out over at And make sure to check back friday for a tutorial on how to make your own pieces of art.